How to make sharingan eye (photoshop)


do you ever think to make your own sharingan eye?
your dreams will Fulfilled with Photoshop, how very simple and easy, so follow these steps

let's check this out:

1.the first you must prepare the material

and the sharingan eye

 photoshop,and open those materials (eye and sharingan eye)
  File==>open and choose those material

3.then drag the image to the image sharingan eye(draging just can work with move tool)move tool is similiar a cursor icon.You have to put sharingan circle, right in the eyeball (look at the picture below)

4.change the layer 1 mode(red line) into OVERALY

then here is the result:


5.delete unnecessary sections in layer 1 with shoft mechanical eraser mode to choose the soft mechanical 
right click in the picture (reminder:right click with eraser tool) and choose the soft mechanical eraser mode
and here is the result: create a nice blend of colors click image menu==>adjustments===>hue/saturation at layer 1
  and make the color real,here is the result


and the end of those step ,click the burn tool and averaged on the edges of the eyeball sharingan or background layer

and make the real sharingan 


finish and save it!

(sorry if the result is ugly, you can make it by your own creativity)



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