Who are not familiar with Gundam? About mecha anime that attracted many fans and still continues. Gundam trinkets have been sold as Model Kit and Figure with a variety of sizes. But most attention was the Model Kit fans because they can assemble your favorite Gundam and can still be improved with Gundam paint in order to look more cool.

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Two thousand years ago, a demon named Piccolo (James Marsters) descended upon Earth wreaking havoc with his minion Ōzaru. Seven mystics created the Mafuba and sealed him away for what they thought was for good. However, Piccolo breaks free and with his beautiful follower Mai (Eriko Tamura),

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At that picture you think that's an old kamen rider and that's so borring if you don't know that seem like the old kamen rider right? yes it's tru but it have a little bit different than the old kamen rider about the helm,costum,film effect is MORE diffetent than the old kamen rider you know like kamen rider ichigo,V3 and others that's really different it cause it is the newer old kamen rider wan't to try?

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 in previous post i have post about gundam zeta movie:2 right? now it's time for the next gundam zeta (whamp!!)

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam the Movie 2 download


87 years since the day when mankind first immigrated into space colony along the orbit of Earth, militarism had etched into the corrupting Federal government, once victorious in the One-year War, 7 years ago.


a long time not post about tutorial,whamp! now i got the idea the new post about gaara style,do you know gaara? i think you're certainly know gaara at anime naruto the most popular anime and manga by masashi kishimoto the famous mangaka.. so look at the picture above,an kanji at his left forehead so wan't to editing photo like this one? just follow the steps it's so easy


Are you Hunter x Hunter lovers?wan't download this anime? here is the way i just can got 5 episode but ii will got more soon so.. don't worry about that just check it

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Two years after the events of Final Fantasy VII, a disease called Geostigma spread across the planet. 


based on the book that I read inking process is not only one type but there are quite a lot of the types of markers or ink. in pen and ink selection choose the most convenient and suitable for use in accordance with your drawing style